CBSE Reading Challenge 2019-2020

As the goals, processes and assessment of learning move from memorization of information to acquisition of 21stcentury competencies of communication, critical and creative thinking andproblemsolving, the ability to locate, understand and reflect on various kinds of information has become more crucial. It is well accepted that Reading Literacy is not only a foundation for achievement in other subject areas within the educational system but also a prerequisite for successful participation in most areas of adult life. With a focus on promoting Reading Literacy among the learners, the Central Board of Secondary Education isorganizinga Reading Challenge.

Details of the CBSE Reading Challenge

1. Competencies to be assessed: This contest would engage the participants with a variety of texts(graphic, textswith/without words) and focus on assessing the following competencies of learners:the ability to read with accuracy and process text in order to understand it;the ability to read with comprehension;the ability to construct meaning by retrieving information, relating text with their previous knowledge and integrating information;the ability to interpret information and draw inference andtheability to reflect and evaluate to assess the quality and credibility of text. * The contest is going to be held initially for Reading in English

2. Eligibility: Round One/First stage: All students of classesVIII-X in CBSE affiliated schools. Round Two/Second stage: Bestsix students from each affiliated school registered afterthe first stage.

3. Nature of the Test: The test would focus on both speed and accuracy. The question paper with reading tasks shall comprise5-8passages, each passage followed by objective type questions. The student participants are expected to complete the paper as quickly as possible. The students who correctly answer the paper in the shortest duration of time will be selected.

4. Procedureof Selection: The test shall be conducted in two stages:

A.Round One/First stage:

(i) An affiliated school can register its students (classes VIII, IX and X) through the linkon CBSE Reading Challengeavailable on the CBSEwebsitei.e. http://www.cbse.nic.infor Round One/First stage of the CBSE Reading Challengefrom13thJanuary to 22ndJanuary2020. To avoid last moment rush, schools are advised to register well before the last date. No fees shall be charged for this stage.

(ii) On23rdJanuary 2020, a question paper with reading task would bemade available to the registered schools with the scoring criteria.

(iii) The school shall organize the test for the registered students between 23rdJanuary 2020 to 25thJanuary 2020and identify six students (2 each from classes VIII, IX and X) on the basis of their performance on the assigned reading task. In case more than six students perform at the same level,a suitable screening test may be conducted by the schools at their own endto identify the sixbeststudents.

(iv) Schools shall register the names of these six students by payingregistration feeof Rs. 1200/-(Rs.200/-for each student) by logging in through the online link between 27thJanuary 2020 to 2ndFebruary2020.

B.Round Two/Second stage:

(i) A computer basedReading Test would beconducted by the Board for the registeredstudents from 4thFebruary 2020 to 7thFebruary 2020. Only the schools that have completed the first stage shall be eligible for the second stage.

(ii) The detailed modalities of conduct of the test shall be communicated to the schools that register students for the second round of the challenge.

5. Fees:

There shall be no fees for participating in the first stage.However, Registration fee of Rs. 200/-per students (Rs. 1200/-per school) shall be charged for participation in the challenge atthe Final stage. Fees would be accepted only through Debit card/ Credit Card/ NEFT at the time of registration of Round Two. Fee once paid shall not be refunded.

6. Recognition of the students: All the participants of Round Two will be issued anonline participation & appreciation certificate by the Board. Best50 performers from each Region will be issued a merit certificate.All schools may encourage their students to participate in the CBSE Reading Challengeas it would provide learners an opportunity to practice and demonstrate their reading skills.

For any clarifications you may send an email to cbsereadingchallenge@gmail.comor call on 011-23233227



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