Motivation & Career Counselling session for Class Eleven Students

A ‘Motivation & Career Counselling session for Class 11 Students’ will be held on Friday, 08th November, 2019 from 8.00 AM to 9.20 AM in the Resource Room.
The following Speakers will be sharing their experience and interacting with the students.
1. Dr. Kishore Somnath, Asso. Professor, Orthopaedics, Medical College, Trivandrum.
2. Mr. Abhilash Jayapal, CEO, Terrific Minds, Technopark, Trivandrum.
3. Mrs. Preetha Roy, Director, Prime Property Builders, Trivandrum.
4. Mrs Sonia Sreekumar, Owner, Katha Boutique, Kumarapuram & Advocate, Trivandrum.
5. Mr. Sudhakar Rao, Partner, Issac & Rao, Chartered Accountants, Trivandrum.
6. Mr. K.V. Rajagopal, Chief Executive, Anandnaitik Builders & Realtors p. Ltd, Teivandrum.
7. Mr. Vishak Kadankot, Director, Fox Green LLP, Consultants, Architects and  Civil Engineers, Trivandrum.
8. Mr. S. Sreekumar, Managing Director, Dakshin Clays & Planter, Teivandrum.
9. Mr. Surendranath Amarnath, Managing Director, Thoughtline Technologies, Technopark.


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