Nominate your favourite Teacher for ‘Transforming Education Awards 2018’

The schools, in conjunction with its teachers, make both unique and profound impacts on their students’ lives. Recognizing this never ending contribution of all the teachers in this world, Lovely Professional University initiated ‘Transforming Education Awards’ last year and got great response from all over the country. After the grand success of its first edition, the 2nd Edition of Transforming Education Awards is slated to be a much better affair as compared to last year. The awards will be given to the teachers who have made an impact in the lives of the students or who have contributed in some way to make our surroundings a better place to live. Views of students followed by online voting and evaluation by a panel of experts will enable the schools to earn credits. Apart from certificate of recognition, LPU will honor schools with teaching grants, teachers and students with cash prizes and other incentives.


Which Teacher should I nominate?
You should nominate a teacher who has inspired you with life transforming concepts. A teacher, who, besides knowledgeable information, imparts moral values, has deep sense of understanding emotions and is caring for students.
A teacher who is an excellent communicator, interacts well with students, and has a sense of humor and creativity to make teaching more lively and wonderful.
In short, a teacher who has contributed in some way in changing your life.
The students can make video of a teacher who has contributed in transforming his/ her life.

The students can quote specific examples and cases in support of the claims made in the video. Any or all of the following themes may be highlighted in the video:

  • Innovative Teaching: The teachers’ imagination in making the studies interesting, inspirational stories, Positive impact on students’ learning will be recognized.
  • Inspirational Teacher: Each one of us has been inspired by a teacher who acted as a guiding light in shaping our futures. Any such teacher, who has inspired students to achievesomething big or has helped students in transforming their lives may be nominated for the award.
  • Tech Savvy Teacher: The integration of technology by the teacher in improving the teaching pedagogy and making an impact on student learnings. The parameters like how technology has been integrated in regular teaching, how technology is improving student learning, use of technology outside classroom etc. will be considered for giving the award.
  • Outstanding contribution to Community: The teacher’s contribution to the community and making the students as more responsible citizens can be highlighted. The efforts of the teacher in outstanding, sustained and continuous engagement with community will be some of the parameters of judgment.
  • Rising Teacher:  The fresh and passionate approach of a new teacher always bring something novel in and outside class. The teachers who have joined this profession in last 5 years and are making a significant and inspirational impact in students’ life may be nominated for the award.

Why should I nominate a teacher?
Your nominating a teacher for an award will be a celebration for the whole school.
The nominated teacher will know that the students and community appreciate his/her efforts.
Nominations of outstanding teachers will bring into focus the standards of education in schools.
Appreciating great teachers will inspire generations of current and future educators.
Recognition/Grants/Prizes will act as incentive for professional development.

Can I nominate more than one teacher?
You may nominate as many teachers/principals as you wish as long as you consider them to be outstanding educators.

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